created for the

High value time sensitive shipper

As an asset based carrier, we are passionate about providing our partners with reliable time sensitive deliveries which are seamless, secure and solution driven by our dedicated team of professionals that act as a true extension of your company. We specialize in providing a pro-active white glove approach giving your company the feeling that Premium Line is your own private carrier.

Asset Based

with owner operators and employed drivers

Emphasis on security

with secured control and management at all

3PL Capabilities

with complete solutions and no restrictions

Quick. Efficient Support

from our dedicated 24/7 customer service team

Trans Border / Air Services

throughout all of north america

EDI Capabilities

for better integration and service

5 reasons

you should let us take care of your shipping needs

The Company was created for the high value, fragile freight and time sensitive shipper that prefers asset based distribution with emphasis on security along with a white glove approach to moving LTL across Canada. Our team is driven by the success and trust of our customers. We believe in being pro-active, responsive, flexible and hands on in our dedicated customer service.

Our team approach to providing tailored customized solutions designed to focus on what is important to you. It is with these attributes that our reputation for quality over the road LTL, third party logistics, warehousing and time sensitive delivery solutions are built on. Privately owned and non-unionized.


  • Non-unionized
  • Asset based with owner operators and employed drivers
  • Servicing all points across Canada by ROAD and by AIR
  • Teams and single driven road service
  • Security focused
  • Transborder services to and from the US
  • Certified in handling dangerous goods


  • No size or weight restrictions
  • Clamp trucks and handle appliances
  • EDI capability and customized reporting
  • Live status Track and Trace of your shipments
  • New equipment with a maintenance program that exceeds the National Safety Code
  • Company owned trucks so your freight is in our control


  • Both Expedited and Standard road service, throughout Canada
  • Direct drive and same day deliveries
  • Temporary and long term Warehousing
  • Transborder services to and from the US
  • Sortation of bulk freight
  • Pick and pack
  • Container de-stuffing
  • Display building and distribution
  • Dedicated Customer Service and flexibility to meet your specific needs
  • Managed Returns, consolidation and distribution programs
  • Expertise in critical and time sensitive shipment and appointment deliveries
  • Trade show coordination and set times, new store opening consolidations
  • Special handling: clamp trucks
  • Heated service between October 15th to April 15th
  • Weekend, holiday and after hours service, available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Taking Security Seriously

The Company takes security very seriously. Our Risk Manager, Craig Holmes, oversees all security practices implementation and is always looking for ways to improve internal practices. It is a part of the value added that we provide our clients, the relationships and information sharing on activities happening within the industry. Security event involvement and invitations are always extended to our clients. Anything we can do to improve security in moving freight we are here to work with your team. The knowledge and connections are very strong with our team. It is an important component in the way that we do business and the clients we serve on a daily basis.

Exceeding National Safety Code

The Company’s utilization of new equipment kept in top condition with a maintenance program exceeding National Safety Code. We pride ourselves on always providing clean equipment when picking up and delivering. It is these things that allows us to move your freight expertly, on-time and safely. Air bags are used within our linehaul’s to protect freight and air ride trucks are used.

Helping reduce the carbon footprint.

Our increased awareness and desire to promote sustainable business practices in which even the smallest changes can make a significant impact for the environment. We care about our impact on the carbon footprint and have implemented trailer fairings (also known as trailer skirts) technology on our highway trailers which help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A study done by Transport Canada shows the results of trailer fairings can reduce fuel consumption by 6.4%. The Company has a country wide idle reduction policy; no idling allowed also contributes to our efforts to reduce emissions to the environment. Utilization of new and well maintained equipment along with efficient routing practices also contributes in our efforts in greener initiatives.

A word from our President

Uwe Petroschke

On behalf of all our employees across Canada, I invite you to explore our web site and learn more about the company we are proud to have built. Premium Line Transport has emerged as one of Canada’s leading specialty expedited over the road carriers, Third party logistics carrier with a Transborder brokerage service division. Since our inception in 2011, our growth is fostered by the dedication and professionalism of our drivers, team and management who are passionate about what they do and pride themselves on excellent service, a proactive culture and caring about our clients. As you tour our company, I hope that you are as inspired by visiting it as we have been in building it.