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COVID–19 - Friday March 13th, 2020

We will follow the updates of Government Agencies pertaining to COVID -19 pandemic. Our priority is to ensure the safety of employees and clients. The situation will continue to be monitored and will provide updates for Premium Line Transport on this link should anything change. Premium Line is open and conducting business as normal.

COVID-19 - Driver, Employee and Customer Procedures - March 17th, 2020

At Premium Line Transport, the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community are our priority. Due to COVID-19 evolving rapidly; as a company we are taking the situation very seriously and adjusting our preventive measures and procedures accordingly.

In order to minimize the risk to our drivers and customers who are on the frontline of our operation; our drivers will take the following precautions when dealing with shippers and receivers at all locations in order to keep everyone involved safe:

  • Hand sanitizer, latex gloves and pens will be provided to each driver, should a customer not have their own pen, our driver will provide a new pen to sign with and keep
  • Hand sanitizer will be used after every pick-up and delivery
  • Hand washing will be done at every opportunity that you have to do so
  • Latex gloves will be worn inside buildings of customer’s and within our operation at the terminal

We are doing everything possible to reduce any risk of contamination during pick-ups, deliveries and within our own buildings across the country. We will practice social distancing as recommended by the Canadian Public Health Services with whomever our drivers come into contact with.

Should you have any questions about these new procedures, please contact the dispatch team.

We put our drivers, employees and customers’ safety as our first priority and that these temporary measures are taken for the interest of the community.

COVID–19 - March 23rd, 2020

We regret to inform that Premium Line Transport will no longer be handling inside and 2 man (helper) deliveries due to enhanced COVID Government Health authorities recommendations temporarily until this is lifted. Our priority is to keep our employees, our clients and the community safe by following the protocol outlined by the Federal Government in social distancing. We will provide updates as things change.

COVID-19 UPDATE March 25th, 2020: Continuity of our Operations

To Our Valued Partners,

With the recent announcement made by the Ontario and Quebec governments regarding temporary closures of non-essential businesses and with other companies reducing their hours of operation due to the heightened COVID – 19 situations we wanted to assure you that Premium Line Transport is still running on normal schedules to all points in Canada. You can count on us to be there.

Premium Line has implemented precautionary measures to ensure the health & safety of our employees, clients and consignees.

In order to provide the same level of service our customers, we ask that our partners work with us by ensuring the following:

  • confirming that the consignee is open to avoid extra charges for re-deliveries
  • indicating any specific time delivery windows, contact name and telephone number
  • stating any revised operating hours or delivery instructions to the bill of lading prior to shipping so that we can ensure a smooth delivery

Please note - In the event that we are in possession of a shipment that is unable to be delivered; we will contact the shipper for direction and applicable charges will be applied including any In Transit Storage charges.

Premium Line is proud to be your partner and support you through these difficult times. Should you have questions or information to share with us, please contact our team at

COVID-19 UPDATE April 15th, 2020: FAQ of our Operations

To Our Valued Partners,

What is your protocol should an onsite Team Member test positive for COCID-19?

If an onsite team member tests positive for COVID – 19, the area in which this team member work area will be temporarily not accessed while a thorough sanitization and cleaning of the area occurs. The employee will be required to stay home in quarantine until the doctor advises that it is safe to return to work. Any team members working near the team member will be required to isolate and work from home for 14 days to ensure they were not exposed and infected. These members will not return to the workplace until this time period of isolation is completed.

Should any team members become positive for COVID – 19, we will provide an update on our HOME page of the website where we have been releasing updates in accordance to government guidelines and what is being done internally to comply with the guidelines.

How and for how long would this effect your operation and your ability to continue operating?

Our staff are cross trained to take on different team member’s responsibilities. We have enough staff in place to cover any sick leaves or vacations.

Please confirm precautions your firm is taking to minimize the risk of infection: What is your daily cleaning protocol?

Employees do not share desk spaces, phones, computing equipment and are wearing masks and gloves during their shift to further minimize exposure to each other. Employees begin their day by disinfecting their personal workspace and end their day doing the process to ensure their work area remains sanitized. Each employee is provided their own supply of sanitizers. Staff do not enter each other’s offices and comply with the 6’ distancing rule.

What personal protective equipment are your team members current using (e.g., nitrile or other gloves, face masks, etc.)

Drivers have been equipped with masks, gloves, sanitizer and disposable pens. All office staff are equipped with their own supply of disinfectant cleaner and sanitizers for their offices and workspaces. We are discontinuing of transfer of paperwork on pickups and deliveries as of April 17th 2020.

Do you have a strict ‘if you are sick, do not come to work’ policy?

Yes, all employees have been told to stay home if they feel unwell.

Are your team members following CDC guidelines for social distancing while at work?

All team members that can work from home are currently doing so to reduce exposure within the company. Drivers are not coming inside our building since the stay at home order was implemented by the Government which further reduces interaction between team members inside the building. The essential team members left working inside the company have been separated as much as possible to ensure there is as much space between workers as possible (minimum of 2 meters away from one another but is in fact it is more distance between them since we have the floor space to do so as well as most employees have their own offices).

For shift changes: team members arrive and depart separately and do not come in contact with each other to further prevent exposure. Within each terminal, we have only one manager on site and the other works from home then this is switched to avoid exposure.

COVID-19 UPDATE April 27th, 2020

Dear Valued Partners,

PICK-UP & DELIVERY SERVICE MODIFICATIONS on transfer of paperwork elimination.

We continue to monitor and commit to updating processes and ensuring further safety as recommended by Government directives. In order to further minimize physical contact due to social distancing regulations we have decided to eliminate the exchange/transfer of paperwork between our drivers, partners and consignees during the pickup and delivery process.

As of April 20th, 2020, Premium Line Transport will no longer require drivers to transfer paperwork when delivering to consignees or picking up from our customers.


  • Drivers will record Date/Time on the delivery paperwork
  • Drivers will no longer request a signature
  • Drivers will verbally request and note the First & Last Name of the person receiving the shipment and then PRINT the name of the delivery paperwork
  • Premium Line Transport will be operating strictly on a Shippers Load & Count basis, until further notice
  • In the event damages are recognized at the time of a delivery, the driver is required to make a notation on the delivery receipt, on your behalf. Failure to do so will risk your damage claim be declined.


  • Paperwork should be placed on the last pallet loaded onto a trailer
  • Drivers will record Date/Time on the paperwork prior to closing doors of pick-up unit
  • Premium Line Transport will be operating strictly on a Shippers Load & Count basis, until further notice
  • In the event damages are recognized at the time of a pickup, the driver has been instructed to make a notation on the pick-up documentation, on your behalf. Counts and condition will be fully inspected upon arrival at the terminal and the shipper will be notified of any discrepancies as soon as possible.

We appreciate your continued support on our further measures to benefit the partnership in keeping everyone safe.

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